Is it possible to pay payments?
Definitely, you can split up to 3 payments.
Is it possible to see the inside of the product?
Yes. Below the image on the product page, you can select ‘Browse’ and browse the inside of the product.
Is there a gift packaging option?
Yes. On the product page.
Before adding it to your shopping cart, you can choose the free gift packaging option.
Is it possible to pay in cash?
You can pay in cash with a purchase at Simchonim store.
4604 13th Avenue Brooklyn NY 11219
If I want to order two products with the same dedication, is it an additional cost?
In case the engraving fits in size for both products, it does not cost extra. But if it is necessary to produce another engraving, And the total amount of products you ordered does not exceed 100 units there will be an additional cost of 30$
If the total amount of products you ordered does exceed 100 units, it will cost you an additional $ 60
If I request delivery, within how many days will it arrive at my house?
if you order a dedication to be embossed, it will take at least two weeks for the product to be delivered, since it is ready..
Can I choose a foil color for dedication? (Gold / Silver / Blind)
We make sure that the product you ordered will be produced at the highest design level and the embossing will be in the color that best suits the product. In products that have an option for several colors, we will send you the options and allow you to choose according to your personal taste.
What is the difference between Dedication embossing and a Name embossing?
Name embossing – a one-time imprint of a name on the product.
Dedication embossing – Used for embedding large quantities You can embed a formal logo and text.
Is it possible to choose a font type in the dedication
Yes. When you enter in the dedication box the content you want, You can choose both font and dedication style for dedication. It is not mandatory to choose.
Is it possible to see what the dedication will look like on the product?
Yes. Every order of a product with a dedication, goes to the orders department, There they will prepare for you a simulation of the text and / or logo on the product you have chosen. And will be sent to youre personal email for confirmation before execution.
How soon can I receive the order?
You can review our shipping policies in the bottom menu of the site.
How soon is the order ready?
The order is ready at the offices within 2 weeks of confirmation.
Is there a minimum order quantity and if so, how much?
Yes. 40 units minimum for order.
How much does a dedication engraving cost?
For a 2.5-inch engraving
Softcover $ 60 for 200 products,
Each additional product $ 0.35.
Hardcover $ 60 for 60 products,
Each additional product is $ 1.
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