U Simanim Plate

Beautiful Luxury Simanim Plate, makes a most magnificent centerpiece display on your table.
Luxury, raised plate with cut out areas for each Siman, and a gorgeous magnetic closure, removable honey dish with honey spoon.
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  • Length: 12.0 in
  • Width: 12.0 in

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What Version do I need?

Our different versions are:
Ashkenaz - Ashkenazi Version Tefilos
- Chasiddish Version Tefilos
Ashkenaz/Sfarad - For Both, Ashkenazi and chasiddish
Bat Israel - Tefilos without שם ה' at the brachos (Sfardi Minhag for women)
Edot Hamizrach - Sefardim Version Tefilos
Haari - Chabad Minhag
integrated - Contains Ashkenas and Edot Hamizrach version

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