Pyramid bencher


Particularly impressive and beautiful Pyramid bencher
Produced on luxury paper combined with stamps
Includes Birkat HaMazon and Sheva Bracot
The head of the bencher is replaced according to the type of event you have – according to your choice

  • Length: 0.0 in
  • Width: 0.0 in

Price for each: 1.90 $

  • Personolize embossing

    In dedication stamping you can choose:

    • The wording of the dedication
    • Upload a unique logo
    • style
    After completing the order, you will be sent a computer simulation for confirmation

    Add the name, date and other relevant information.

    • (max file size 200 MB)

    You can select a style from the selection displayed. Optional.

    You can select an icon from the selection displayed. Optional.

    Minimum 30 units, $60

    Name stamping

    Each name must be entered in a separate row.

    • (max file size 200 MB)

    $5 each

    What embossing do you need?

    Name embossing: Engraving on a single product (up to 5 words / 2 lines)
    You can engrave a different name on each product.
    The price is 5$ per unit.

    personalize embossing: suitable for quantities big quantities.
    You can engrave a logo and / or text.
    Icons and symbols can be found in our website during the ordering process.
    After the order, we will send you the simulation by email for confirmation.
    The price is only 60$ for the entire quantity

    Reset options

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What Version do I need?

Our different versions are:
Ashkenaz - Ashkenazi Version Tefilos
- Chasiddish Version Tefilos
Ashkenaz/Sfarad - For Both, Ashkenazi and chasiddish
Bat Israel - Tefilos without שם ה' at the brachos (Sfardi Minhag for women)
Edot Hamizrach - Sefardim Version Tefilos
Haari - Chabad Minhag
integrated - Contains Ashkenas and Edot Hamizrach version

How soon will we receive the order?

View our shipping policy <here>

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